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Heuristic Evaluation

There is already a myriad of information available on the web about Heuristic Evaluation (HE). The purpose of this post is not to simply re-iterate that information.  As a usability practitioner I have performed many heuristic evaluations on websites and … Continue reading

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Feeling Overwhelmed

I couldn’t help but to keep thinking about my post “What is Usability?” long after I pressed the “Publish” button.  As much as I like Krug’s definition of usability, I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that it is missing something: … Continue reading

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The Usability Approach

Yes!  The creative juices are flowing.  You feel the rush; the euphoria that comes along with new insight!  A new thought, a creative, inspired moment – a Eureka! moment – in which you’ve come up with a new idea.  A … Continue reading

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Building a Website with WordPress on Your Own Domain

If you are interested in owning your own domain (like and creating your own website at a very low cost, read on.  Creating your own website is now easier than ever before using user-friendly publishing software like WordPress.

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